Sometimes you just feel lost. Lost in a sea of too much information or a desert of too little.

Every day you are bombarded with appeals from one guru after another to buy the latest shiny new toy. You know you should resist and stay focused on your plan. But they’re so shiny, and so new, and they promise to be THE way to realize your dream. They promise . . . but they don’t deliver.
You search for answers amidst mountains of posts on all the free forums. You know the truth of the old adage, “You get what you pay for” but you search nonetheless because you know the answers are out there. Somewhere. And you are desperate to find them. To realize your dream.
You need help. Not a boss. Not an employee. Not another pdf and certainly NOT another know-it-all guru.
You need someone you can trust. Someone who knows what he knows, who doesn’t pretend to know everything. Someone, more or less, like you but with some of the answers you are looking for. And someone willing to share.

Maybe You've Made Some Money.
But Not Enough, or Not Anymore

Remember what it felt like? That first sale? That first payout? How do you get that sense of accomplishment back? How do you keep it for the rest of your life? Some people have that. Others are trying for it just as desperately as you are.
It’s so frustrating. There’s just too much to know and do and it keeps changing so quickly. The pace of change in the information economy is exponential and that’s NOT going to change. One person just can’t cope with it … alone.
You need data. Experience. But you need it NOW.
You need guidance. Not a lot. Not all the time. And NOT from a guru.
You need help. Just with the things you can’t do yourself.

Ever think, "If Only I Could Clone Myself."

No partners. No bosses or employees. None of those legal or financial entanglements. Just a whole team of “yous”.
You could assign each of them a different task. Let each one try something different, learn something new. Then they share all that information and know-how with you without looking for a cut of your profits.
Well, cloning isn’t a real option, so you discuss your plans with your family and friends but unless they are in the IM business, they just don’t understand what you’re up against. To them you are almost speaking another language. If your friends and family were all into IM you’re problem would be solved. But they aren’t. Where to turn?
You have a dream.
A goal of building a lucrative online business. And you aren’t prepared to let that dream die.
You aren’t there yet.
You need some help but not someone you have to answer to. You want to preserve your independence. In reality, that is as much a part of the dream as the money, maybe even more.
You need a way to “clone” yourself.
To acquire the skills, experience, and knowledge of many people  all at once. You can’t live several lives yourself, and you can’t expect (or want) others to live for you. But you need what they have. The real thing – not just what some guru wants to sell you.

Friends, "Family" - A Community

You are alone. But you are too smart, too savvy to remain alone. You know how enormous the online economy is and how fast it’s growing. You know of its huge potential and you know that an online business is an attractive option for millions of people who share your dream.
But there’s a world of difference between those who can dream and those who put in all the hard work to turn their dream into a new and better reality. There are not so many of the latter type. And sometimes it can take a lot more work to find them.
People like you. And sometimes they find each other . . .

A community of those who share your dream, and also your commitment to it.

We are that community

The December 11 Group

The Perfect Place for the Serious Online Entrepreneur

Individually our members are probably a lot like you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
But together we can (and do) accomplish so much more than we could struggling on our own.
Serious Internet Marketers:
Dedicated and hard-working entrepreneurs with vast knowledge and experience to share with you and each other. Always testing, always learning, always sharing.
World-class Coders:
Brilliant technicians whose expertise brings nearly fanciful ideas to reality. Cutting-edge, custom-made tools and techniques available NO WHERE ELSE.
Dedicated Admins:
Full-time administrators guide the community through exciting case studies, detailed tutorials, contests and prizes. Everything is designed to  help you achieve your dream.

In December 11 Loyalty is Rewarded

Over the past 6 years our members have compiled a veritable treasure trove of tools, courses, videos, etc. that, if you were to acquire them separately, would cost you well over $100,000. Once you have been with us for just one month you will gain access to all of this.
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The Repository

Almost everything ever written, and every video ever shot, about how to succeed in online marketing. Well, not every one . . . we weed out the junk for you.

Exclusive Custom-made Tools

The December 11 Group has always excelled as an Internet marketing tool development cooperative. Members, including an elite team of coders devise, design and deploy our own unique software which members use to give them a decided edge over millions of competitors.


Makes over 10,000 pages for you in less than one hour. Create hundreds of huge, traffic generating websites easily and automatically with just a few minutes work.


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Convert popup traffic, social traffic, or any other traffic source into real, organic search traffic.
. . . and other tools for cloning & editing landing pages,
creating keyword lists, building popups, and more.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Finally, let’s hear from a few of the other Dec11 members you will meet inside . . .

“A Game Changer…”
“Joining The December 11 Group has been a game changer for me. My IM income has gone up considerably since joining.”
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