The Secret to Success in Online Marketing . . .


Now it's not so secret, or difficult, anymore.


There. The formula is simple. Solving it is not. Until NOW.

The reason it has been such a hard problem to solve lies almost exclusively with the Internet's major player - GOOGLE. You see, Google is so big and so powerful that it can tell you one thing but do another itself. It can tell you one thing and then punish you for doing it well. It can tell you one thing and then tell you the exact opposite without notice. Google can do whatever it wants and get away with it. But now YOU CAN TOO.

Mark Ballard Sr. Director, Research
- Merkle Inc.

Google is using monopoly power in one industry to gain an advantage in another, or even just plain being "evil."

Ben Holbrook Head of Content
- Verve Search

All of their talk about doing the ‘right’ thing was a load of rubbish. Google told us that the Froogle shopping service was superior because they did not charge the merchants for the service. A few years down the line and they’re trying to tell us that the service will improve if they start charging merchants. What are we supposed to believe? What are they going to start charging for next?

Jeffrey KatzChief Executive
- Nextag

Google doesn’t play fair. Google rigs its results, biasing in favor of itself and against competitors.

Tony ChouWriter
- Business Insider

Thousands of honest people have had their (Adsense) accounts banned, and they've also tried to appeal to Google. But maybe, MAYBE, 1 in 10,000 banned accounts get unbanned.

What Google SAYS  vs What Google DOES

(click the arrows)

DO NOT buy links to your site.

DO NOT mislead or trick visitors in any way.

MAKE SURE visitors can clearly tell when something is an ad.

DO NOT pay others to publish posts about your site.

DO NOT create sites or pages just to rank well and then redirect visitors to other sites.

DO NOT use duplicate content (content found elsewhere online).

DO NOT cloak (show visitors something different from what Googlebot sees).

PENALIZES sites with affiliate links.

PENALIZES sites with "too many" ads.

DO NOT promote scams.

Google's Collateral Damage. Infographic by SEO Book

The SEO Minefield

Due to its size and power you HAVE to deal with Google in order to succeed online. But you DON'T have to do whatever Google tells you. Not anymore.

Google likes to pretend that all you have to do is make a website with great content and visitors will see links to your pages appear in the Google search results. The reality is that unless you engage in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your site is never going to generate organic search traffic unless you are big enough to buy Google's favour.

Onpage SEO involves carefully crafting the content and structure of your website to convince Google's algorithm that your pages ought to appear early in the results for relevant search terms.

Offpage SEO involves getting links to your website placed on other websites. But these other sites have to be sites Google approves of or else these links will hurt your site's search rankings. This even makes it possible to deliberately sabotage a website's rankings by creating links to it on sites Google does not approve of.

All forms of SEO are really attempts to artificially influence where your site is placed in Google's search results. This is officially a violation of Google's terms of service. Yet Google exploits SEO itself​ while making it increasingly difficult for the rest of us to use it effectively.

The Problem - Google

#1 - How to get visitors to your site when Google is
making it so difficult to do effective SEO.

#2 - How to get your site to make money when Google imposes rules that it doesn't follow and then competes with you. 

The Solution - Hacking SEO

Control Dec's Online Marketing Tool Suite

Software that
automates everything
and makes effective SEO quick and easy.

Software that lets YOU make the rules about what happens on your websites - NOT Google


Create hundreds of traffic generating websites in minutes. This is THE easiest way to get visitors to your money links.


Identify your visitors and send each of them to a page specially designed to get them to click on your money links.




The OLD Way

The way you've been working until now.

  • Create domain hosting accounts on your server manually - one at a time.
  • Set up each domain on Cloudflare manually - one at a time.
  • Install Wordpress on each domain manually - one at a time
  • Configure each Wordpress installation manually - one at a time
  • Generate content one post at a time or by using software that costs too much money, time and/or server resources.

The NEW Way

The way you can work with CreatR.

  • Import domains directly from your registrar and set up hosting with just a few clicks.
  • Set up all your domains on Cloudflare automatically
  • Install Wordpress on any or all your domains automatically
  • Clone a pre-configured Wordpress template to as many domains as desired.
  • Generate many thousands of posts across any or all your domains with automatic efficiency.




A page that fully complies with all its impossible, one-sided rules. Bots and real reviewers will be satisfied.



A highly optimized landing page perfectly designed to convert their actions into money in your pocket.


  •  Hosted by us. Nothing to install but a small code snippet.
  •  Test first with free credits. Learn the ropes without spending money.
  • Scale up later when you have a profitable method
  •  YOU decide what you pay. Pay only for what you use.
  •  Our troubleshooting forum gives excellent support
    (We have to keep you happy or we lose your business don't we?)


Transform paid traffic into organic search traffic

What InjectR does seems almost like magic. It's hard to explain but we'll try. Google doesn't like us buying traffic (unless we buy it from them). Some affiliate networks are the same. But everyone loves organic search traffic.

InjectR transforms paid traffic into organic search traffic.

It doesn't just spoof the referrer. It actually performs a Google search behind the scenes and transforms every paid visit into a click on your organic search results. We've tested with Google Analytics and it is categorized as organic search traffic every time. It's just like someone searched for your keyword, found your site listing and clicked the link. Magic.

InjectR gives you the best of both worlds - the convenience of paid traffic on demand + the perceived high quality of organic search traffic.  


Try CreatR, DetectR, InjectR and our other tools. Decide what you like, what you can make money with now. You can create a monthly subscription for the credits you need, or just top up your credits as and when you need them. YOU decide how much you pay. There's NO RISK of paying for software you don't use. The credits can be used for any of the tools.

To get you started we give you ONE MILLION free credits upon registration. No purchase necessary. We want to make it easy for you to try the Control Dec suite of tools and only spend money when you are ready to use them to make money.

"So how much will the tools cost after I use up my free credits?

  • Costs
  • CreatR
  • DetectR
  • InjectR

A million visitors to sites linked to DetectR would cost $27 and up depending on how much work you make DetectR do on each visitor.


In addition to CreatR, DetectR, InjectR, Control Dec also includes other tools that let registered users:

  • Create a huge list of keywords pulled from our database of over 1 Billion keywords.
  • Combine lists from our database, preset local keywords, or keyword lists you paste from other sources.
  • Clean and filter your list quickly and easily with a very powerful keyword filter tool.
  • Use any of your domains to create your own personalized url shortener.
  • Build effective popups with our versatile popup code generator.

All registered users get Lifetime FREE Access to Bonus Tools. No purchase necessary. 

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